Stroboskop Horror Game Studio


  • Using AI in Level Design

    There’s been a lot of talk about creating images with AI this year. When it came it completely blew my mind, I spent my evenings in MidJourney, trying different prompts, seeing what it would come up with. I followed the whole “art or not” discourse, and after initially taking a neutral stand, I have to…

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  • Image by MidJourney. Prompt: social media is going under etching

    New website.

    In an effort to make Stroboskop’s online presence less vulnerable to narcissistic billionaires’ latest child-boy decisions, I decided to update the ol’ website. I glued it all together with gaffa tape and silent whispers, so if anything seems to not function, let me know. Suggestions are welcome too. And join the newsletter, promise to only…

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SYLVIO for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4

STROBOSKOP AB is a Swedish game studio based in Stockholm and Paris. Since 2009 Stroboskop has developed and published over a dozen horror games. The most well-known, Sylvio, was released in 2015, and was nominated to Best Original Game at the TIGA Awards, as well as featured in PC Gamer’s List of Best Horror Games in 2022.

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